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It all started with oldies from mom’s car, Hip hop playing from the elementary school bus, and when programs like Napster and Limewire were a portal to freely download favorite genres: classic and modern rock, rap, trance, and especially dance music.

This led to a strong foundation to the world of music, being nicknamed DJ Woof even before a turntable was picked up, and often chosen as the trusted music selector during outings. The first gig ever landed happened right after High School in 2009.

On top of honing music production and audio engineering skills, what followed was a trip and fall into the twisting whirlpool that is DJing, which led to playing at festivals, Art Walks, and countless amazing weddings for years to come.

I believe excellence in this craft and understanding the invisible details that get people fully engaged on the dance floor is an art worth committing to; hooking you to a groove that you can’t help but to dance with.

“It’s not only the parts you play, but also what parts you don’t play.”

DJ Isaac uses – Traktor S2/S4 MK3, Allen and Heath Zed 10-FX, Left ear, Right ear, telepathy.

Why he’s VIP: Adaptable, Experienced, Prepared.

He knows the party is not about himself, it’s about you and what you want for your special day.

Wanting your personal vision to funnel and filter through someone that’s dedicated to perfection and creating outcomes that touch the heart.

Favorite video game – Starcraft Brood War.