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A Hip Hop dancer before becoming the seasoned DJ he is today, VIP DJ Drew has a background in Ballroom Dancing and has all the moves to keep your party going all night long!

Surrounded by music from a young age, he can add music producer to his resumé along with residencies in club venues from NYC to LA, his versatility is reflected in his private music collection, which includes 80’s, New Wave, Disco, Freestyle, Dancehall Reggae, Neo Soul, Old & New Skool, Hip Hop & R&B, Electro Funk House, Argentine Tango, Salsa & Merengue. He can spice up any corporate party or bring the Latin heat to the dance floor at your wedding!

DJ DREW Uses: Software-Serato DJ

Why He’s VIP: He’s also an accomplished pianist, available for cocktail hour or your ceremony!

Favorite Video Game: Tombraider