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VIP DJ JoannDJ Jo is an industry favorite, performing at an array of Hollywood’s hottest venues from up beat clubs with chill lounge to high end private parties. She’s done it all: from a Malibu Bar Mitzvah DJ to a Malibu celebrity DJ. Spinning everything from Electro House, to Pop, Dance Remixes, Old School & Motown this girl will heat up your dance floor while throwing in a touch of turn-tablism.

She’s sure to charm you with her easy going attitude & undeniable style while taking your guests on a musical journey they’ll never forget! From weddings to bar mitzvahs, from private parties to clubs, DJ Jo will bring a fun twist to any celebration.

DJ JO Uses: Pioneer Ddsx, Macbook pro w/ Serato

Why She’s VIP: Besides being a classy mixologist, she’s also a professional dancer and ready to get moving on the dance floor.

Favorite Video Game: Mario Cart