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Beverly Hills DJShe’s been singing since she was 3 on her mom’s karaoke machine, a stage veteran since the 4th grade, & is equipped with eclectic vocals that have graced audiences spanning from mom-&-pop coffee shops, to live musical theater performances, & even the stages of The Hard Rock Café & the Imperial Palace Casinos!  There’s not a day of her life that passes where Jessa isn’t at least humming to a tune either from her particularly picked playlists or from what she cultivates creatively consciously.  She has sung alongside fellow singer & friend, Eugene Eash, who is a protégé of Tony Award-winner, Broadway actor, singer, & dancer…Ben Vereen!

Why She’s VIP
Jessa is not only a singer, but a singer-songwriter!  She is an artist, on a broad scale of the word.  From drawing, to writing short stories & poetry, from dancing like no one’s watching, to even acting, filming, & photography, you start to wonder, “What DOESN’T this girl do?”  She’s here to bring her soulful passion & high-on-life music, energy, & fun to any party.   From sultry lounge sounds to high-energy, dance like it’s the New Year kind of music, our Jessa will add flare to your Very Important Party!