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DSC_7906RT[1]Jonathan’s GOT GAME and has been hosting events for over 11 years! Highly interactive, he’ll have the dance floor moving in no time. From hosting shows and private events he consistently ups the game as an MC for corporate picnics, holiday parities, team building seminars, Pasadena Bar Mitzvah DJ events (and beyond!), Weddings, and more!

This triple threat is trained in dance, voice, and performance and tailors the party with unique ideas and a whole lot of FUN. Whether you’re looking for a Pasadena Bar Mitzvah DJ or corporate event entertainment, Jonathan has you covered. Father of two, and former Nickelodeon performer he has a strong connection to the younger folks since he’s a big kid at heart!

MC/DJ JONATHAN uses: Serrato, Shure

Why He’s VIP: He’s an ANIME Afficianado and has been known to rule the B Ball court.

Favorite Video Game: Star Wars Battlefront