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January 6th, 2015

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What an amazing team to be a part of on Liz & Phil’s wedding day, and to be featured in Style Me Pretty again? We’re feeling pretty VIP!

From ceremony sound (with hidden speakers) to lovely english style toasts in between their flashback 80’s/90’s dinner mix …it was such a pleasure to get down and party with the Brits & Latins on the dance floor with VIP DJ Joann spinning her best club beats in between. We’re talking Cumbia to Queen folks – it doesn’t get any better!!

Unique touches included our live instagram feed (#lizandphil2014) & monitor which makes photo sharing more fun as guests were able to see their photos streamed live on a 42” screen as they snapped away. The night wrapped up with Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now into Wonderwall by Oasis, while it poured rain outside!

Congrats again Liz and Phil, you know how to get a party started

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Here’s a peek at a few special moments from their beautiful day!

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 10.59.21 AM


Liz-Phil-Tiato-August-2_ANNA DELORES-2126


Thanks to WINK!  for being the most calm and creative coordinators Tiato Garden for the relaxed and romantic location LA Wedding Woman for their ceremonial expertise with photos by the truly gifted Emily Reiter and all the other amazing artist we worked alongside: Crescent Bay Films, Fiore Beauty, Archive, The Butter End, Dish Wish, Classy Chassis, and Seed Floral Couture.